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              Address:Block B,Wanlin High-Tech Building, Malianwa North Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.


              Strowin Appeared 2015 Guangdong Annual Meeting of Feed Industry

                2015 Guangdong annual meeting of feed industry was hold on Dec. 6th in Dongguan City. Topic of the conference is “ Science and technology helps enterprise transformation”.

                The meeting was supported by “The ministry of agriculture animal husbandry station” and “China Feed Industry Association”. Government department leaders、experts、 elites in feed industry and feed/feed additive enterprises, totally more than 1000 people attended this meeting.

                Strowin was invited to attend this meeting as a co-organizer. Strowin CTO Mr. Jobs、CSO Mr. Pingyu Xia、 Guangdong branch GM Mr. Hua huang communicated with other elites in the meeting. Mr. Jobs promoted relationships with feed industry predecessors and enterprise leaders, introduced advantages of our products in antibiotic reduction and feed conversion.


                                                                            CTO Mr.Jobs choosed the most lucky one of the party 


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