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            Address:Block B,Wanlin High-Tech Building, Malianwa North Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.


            ABOUT US

                Beijing Strowin Biotechnology Co,.Ltd.(BSB) is a high-technology company combined with biotechnology research and development, operation and production, technical services and sales in domestic and overseas of enzyme preparation production. BSB mainly engaged in biotechnology research and development and production of different kinds of enzyme.

                BSB’s headquarters is located in the Zhongguancun Science Park and BSB was established by Mr. Xuejun Li who was one of the technological innovation leader in Zhongguancun area and other experts in enzyme preparation industry. BSB owns integrated enzyme production system which covered in fodder, industry, food and other industries. BSB had been awarded the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress and the first prize of Beijing Scientific and Technological Progress in enzyme preparation area. 

                At present, BSB has set up and owned Beijing Strowin Biology Science and Technology Co,. Ltd. in Beijing Shuiyi district and Heilongjiang Strowin Biotechnology Co,. Ltd in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province as two subsidiaries. BSB independently researched and developed more than 20 kinds of single enzyme and series of compound enzyme products. As two main production bases, Qiqihar and Beijing Shunyi companies produce all kinds of enzyme and annual output is around 30000 tons. BSB has become a professional supplier of world-class enzyme preparation in China.

                As a professional company for enzyme research and development, BSB’s key R&D team was composed of specialists with PhD and master degree and researchers. Closely cooperating with Feed Research Institute and Institute of Animal Science of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University and other scientific research institutions, BSB owns three world-class advanced technology platforms of enzyme industry, which are R&D and transform of new enzyme, pilot test and post-processing of enzyme and screening and application of enzyme. Above all advanced technologies provide the solid foundation to R&D, production and application of enzyme.

                On the basis of strong technology strength and customer requirement, BSB has been pursuing the product quality and providing full solution of enzyme preparation and product application to customers. At present, BSB possessed completely marketing system formed by VIP customers, regional, terminal and international markets and sold to 25 provinces throughout of China. Main products are high quality compound enzyme S series, high quality thermostable phytase (around 90°C), Mannannase, glucose oxidase, lipase, Xylanase, galactosidase and glucanase, which are being with good reputation and quality. 

                In face of increasingly competitive enzyme market in the world, BSB devote continuously to improving quality control system and upgrading the technology. High technology, high standard and high efficiency are BSB’s long-term strategy. At the same time, BSB explore the application of enzyme products in other fields, such as food, medicine, textile, detergent industries etc. Our mission is to determine to be a modernized and international high-tech enterprise in worldwide.


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