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            Address:Block B,Wanlin High-Tech Building, Malianwa North Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.


            New Product Launch
            1000 billion bacillus subtilis2000 billion bacillus subtilis1000 billion bacillus licheniformis2000 billion bacillus licheniformis
            pure 96% hydrochloridepure 98% hydrochloride
            Lipase is used on hydrolyzing triglyceride and fatty acid glyceride. It can hydrolyze fat into free fatty acid, glycerin and monoglycer...
            Sunmicellis developed by Strowin with the patent of certain species of strain. The effective constituent is β-Mannanase. The main reac...
            STROGO is developed by strowin with certain species of strain patent and geneticengineering technology. The main functions include to c...

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